AINA has started mass production of it’s new flagship product Kepler in the factory in Estonia.

Smartphone applications have improved operational efficiency of businesses and worker safety for millions of people. While business apps are a great tool for many, using a touch screen phone for communication has proven to be unpractical in loud environments. “This is one of the main reasons AINA has been selling large volumes of the PTT Voice Responder, a Bluetooth speaker-microphone to remotely control AINA Small Talk PTT, Zello, ESChat, Grouptalk, Team on a Mission, TASSTA, Wave, and many other PTT Smartphone applications,” says Maximilian LeRoux, co-founder and CEO of AINA.

“The need for hands-free and loud communication devices is imminent.” LeRoux says. “Moving the PTT application and the SIM card from the phone to Kepler combines all the needs of the customers into a single purpose-built device. This way any professional can use their Smartphones for important apps and Kepler for communication.”

AINA’s All-in-One Communicator features high-speed network access, SIM card, direct device to device coverage (DMO) when there is no network available, in a rugged & loud handy form factor. “Kepler combines decades of grown-user habits of Land Mobile Radios with modern IoT Technology, which is why AINA’s Kepler can be considered “Radio 2.0, LeRoux says.

Co-funded by the Horizon2020 programme of the European Union.

Kepler has been co-funded by the European Union and took a few years in the making. “Many of AINA’s customers and partners have been patiently waiting for Kepler, which marks an inflection point for AINA as a company and a disruptive moment for the critical communications industry”, LeRoux says. “The first products that came out of the factory today have already been sold. AINA will start the production with a few hundred units per week for the first month to fine tune the production process and then and then scale up to meet the growing demand.”

The full solution can be ordered directly through AINA and selected resellers.