Over the past six months news over Bluetooth problems appearing after upgrading to Android 10 have been piling up. AINA’s expertise in Bluetooth helped our users to be agnostic to upgrades of operating systems. Some people say AINA’s PTT application AINA Small Talk is probably the most instinctive app on the market, and on top of it also built for the use with or without Bluetooth devices.

Type in Google “Android 10 Bluetooth” and search results like Android 10 broke Bluetooth pop up. Thedroidguy.com article How To Fix S10 Bluetooth Problems After Android 10 Update mentions potential broken 3rd party apps. This can happen depending on how third-party applications handle Bluetooth devices in general.

Most apps have in common that they are made by app makers – sounds trivial – but what if there was a Bluetooth devices maker who also makes apps? Nowadays it’s quite common that any company that sells a gadget, a tracking device, a smart watch, or professional communication devices, have their own application to make sure their product works.

Audio over Bluetooth streams over the Handsfree Profile (HFP) of the phone, it can be initiated using a Serial Port Profile (SPP) or with AINA’s method of choice: Bluetooth Low Energy. AINA’s approach to Bluetooth is to develop devices it as agnostic as possible to possible changes on the phones operations system.

Did you know AINA is a word in the Finnish language?

AINA in Finnish language means “always”. With AINA’s Push-to-Talk applications and devices you always stay connected to your phone and to your co-workers.