When pairing for the first time, press the Power button on your device for 3 seconds to turn on your Voice Responder and get into pairing mode. When your device is in pairing mode (LED blinking in green), enter your smartphone’s Bluetooth menu and search for your device using the Bluetooth friendly name printed on the back of your Voice Responder. Then follow the normal pairing process on your phone.

If you would like to pair your Voice Responder with another phone, you must press both PTT buttons and arrow buttons (< + >) until the device beeps twice and the LED turns off. This will reset the device and active its pairing mode. Also, you must ensure that the phone you are pairing your device to and/or the device the PTT Voice Responder was previously paired to does not have in its Bluetooth memory any previous pairings with the PTT Voice Responder. Do this by ‘forgetting’ the previous pairing from the device’s Bluetooth menu.