The AINA PTT Smart Button has been serving users around the world who need simple and undistracted Push-to-Talk communication.

What’s new on the AINA PTT Smart Button?

Based on our customers’ feedback, we made changes to enhance the overall user experience with the new design of the PTT button.

  1. The position, shape and colour of the three buttons on the device have changed. Users can now easily press the buttons and tell them apart in their everyday work or emergency situations.
  2. The improved design of the device fits better to the users’ hands, eliminating the chance of it slipping out.
  3. The new model of the PTT Smart Button features an accelerometer. This means it will be able to detect motion changes and include man-down detection features increasing the users’ safety.

What PTT apps work with the AINA PTT Smart Button?

The PTT Smart Button pairs perfectly with AINA Small Talk; a walkie-talkie style PTT app with a simple and intuitive user interface. With your PTT Smart Button connected to AINA Small Talk, you can remotely control push-to-talk communication with your primary and secondary talk group, contact your dispatcher or activate an emergency call.

The PTT Smart Button is also compatible with other Android and iOS PTT applications, such as Zello, ESChat, Streamwide, WAVE PTX and AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT).

PTT button AINA pairs to push to talk app on android and ios

Who uses the AINA PTT Smart Button?

As with PTT Voice Responder, our users trust us to offer a reliable, high-quality device for their everyday work.

The PTT Smart Button is ideal for users who need a simple and undistracting PTT device. Police officers in S.W.A.T and anti-terrorism units have used the PTT Smart Button to quickly and discreetly communicate with their team members. They’ve said that the PTT Smart Button serves them well because not everyone will distinguish it as a communication’s device, but instead may think it’s a garage door or car key.

A group of police officers walk around the city while talking to their team discreetly

Other users of the PTT Smart Button also include staff members in the hospitality or retail industry. While staying connected with your team is key, employees in a customer-facing job will not want a loud speaker-microphone with ongoing conversations to be heard by the customers. Therefore, a small and sleek remote control such as the PTT Smart Button is perfect.