610, 2021

Watch Maximilian LeRoux present and demo AINA Kepler’s Direct Mode Operation (DMO) at IWCE 2021

October 6th, 2021|News|

Maximilian LeRoux showcases the company’s AINA Kepler LTE speaker-microphone, which enables normal push-to-talk speaker microphone functionality with a twist: the ability to support direct mode communication (DMO) at distances up to a mile, which is about twice the greatest range achieved via LTE proximity-services (ProSe) [...]

707, 2021

ControlComm partners with AINA PTT to offer a modern and efficient app for the hospitality industry

July 7th, 2021|Customer Use Cases|

AINA PTT offers complete Push-to-Talk (PTT) solutions to both end-consumers and firms looking to incorporate voice communication into their existing application or platform. One of our latest collaborations has been with ControlComm. ControlComm is a technology firm from Rijeka, Croatia which aims to help [...]

806, 2021

2 simple steps to lift your truck communication system in fleet management

June 8th, 2021|News|

A fleet management system is not just for large companies, but also for single owner-operators. Whether you operate a single truck or 50, real time communication is important for all drivers to function efficiently. A lack of communication between dispatchers and truck drivers is a [...]

2005, 2021

New AINA PTT Smart Button Design Perfect for Discreet and Undistracted Push-to-Talk Communication

May 20th, 2021|News|

The AINA PTT Smart Button has been serving users around the world who need simple and undistracted Push-to-Talk communication. What’s new on the AINA PTT Smart Button? Based on our customers’ feedback, we made changes to enhance the overall user experience with the new [...]

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