What is PoC radio?

The Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) radio is the two-way radios using the existing mobile communication network for interaction. PoC radio system is favorable for group users since it eliminates the distance restriction of traditional walkie-talkie devices. In contrast to Land Mobile Radio (LMR), there is the dispatch systems and GPS location services.

Imagine this

You are in a team on the run and have to communicate remotely with your colleagues. Not enough time to zoom into a phone call and chit-chat. Get to the point as quickly as possible. That’s when PoC radio is used.

Based on Push-to-talk technology – a half-duplex communication style where only one person speaks and the other one(s) listen(s), they delivers direct voice messages to several receivers at one time.

In a regular phone call, one dials a number and waits for the other person to pick it up:

1) The receiver answers the phone, the caller first introduces themselves.

2) Asking politely if the other person has a moment to talk.

3) Moving over to the question they actually want to ask.

4) Receiving a satisfying answer.

5) Trying to find a polite way to end the conversation soon.

This can take more than a couple of minutes or five. AINA PTT has calculated that by doing simple things with regular phone calls, hundreds of minutes of productive time are wasted every day.

PTT call between Kepler poc radio and push to talk app

Advantage of PoC radio

  • Increase efficiency and productivity of workers.

  • Low investment cost with massive coverage communication area

  • Hand-free communication

Increase efficiency and productivity of workers.

Workers can make either one-to-one or one-to-many calls. It helps workers to save time to communicate with co-workers in comparison to a phone call while increases the effectiveness of messages. With the availability of a dispatcher system, a company can keep track of its worker’s location with GPS services and give better instruction to each individual.

A phone call takes 3 minutes

A push to talk over cellular call takes 30 seconds.

Low investment cost with massive coverage communication area

Instead of tremendous investment in two-way radio infrastructure, they offer the same benefits with fixed costs and faster instant connection. They exploit the nationwide coverage of the mobile networks. Companies do not need to invest their finance in getting expensive radio towers or repeaters in different areas.

Kepler poc radio values with massive coverage, loud audio and emergency function

Hand free communication

The use is even more applicable to the environment where workers need interruption-free communication and no distraction. They connect to a speaker mic via Bluetooth or can be used alone with the loud and clear speaker function. The team can now safely talk on the road without distracted driving and get precise direction from fleet management controllers.

PoC radio in the market

Motorola Solutions calls its a Wave Two-Way Radio, named after their walkie-talkie app “Wave”. The Japanese two-way-radio manufacturer Icom has a product with an engineering name IP503H/IP501M. Hytera radio has been distributed around the world with different models.

Push to talk over cellular technology was more widely used in mobile phones in the beginning to mimic two-way radio. The most famous name adopting this technology early is Nextel. The main differentiator of a push to talk radio compared to a walkie talkie app running on a Smartphone is that there are fewer settings than on a phone. It’s more intuitive and doesn’t require many instructions to use. They are more practical than phones which can fall and break. They have few settings, you turn one on and it just works. The difference goes from price and monthly fees to customer service, robustness, and audio quality.

The new forerunner AINA Kepler radio

In 2020, AINA Wireless released the new PoC radio innovation to the market – AINA Kepler. With the smooth experience through 3G/4G, LTE, or Wi-Fi network together with dispatcher services, AINA Kepler becomes a new forerunner in the push to talk market in 2021.

Benefits of AINA Kepler:

1) No more dead spots and dropped calls: AINA Kepler is available with options from LTE networks, mobile 3G/4G to wifi networks, bluetooth. Connect with your team instantly regardless of their location.

2) No costly infrastructure investment: maximize efficiency with nationwide coverage when pay no investment on building a radio network.

3) Crystal clear audio: get rid of mumbled voice during communication.

4) Secure your data with the newest radio technology

5) Off-network with Direct Mode Operation (DMO): Easily switch to device-to-device communication mode for out of network connection.

6) Emergency function: safety priority with emergency feature. Suitable for team or lone worker situation.

One stop push to talk solution with AINA Kepler: Kepler, dispatcher and professional application.

Contact AINA PTT to get to know what push to talk solution is suitable for your business.