AINA PTT, maker of the PTT Voice Responder, launched an instinctive walkie-talkie PTT application worldwide focusing on businesses and individuals. AINA Small Talk comes with an intuitive user-interface with the simplicity of a walkie talkie.

One-stop solution for small and medium sized businesses.
“AINA offers a one-stop solution including walkie-talkie style Push-to-Talk apps and handheld devices. AINA is focusing on businesses who want to increase communication efficiency and reduce operational costs. Fortune 500 companies who offer full service usually also cost fortunes. AINA’s customer-centric approach offers a cost-effective alternative to the big company overload,” said AINA’s CEO Maximilian LeRoux.

User-centric design
“Many Push-to-Talk applications are heavy on touch screen centric features which are common to consumer applications, and loaded with settings most professionals don’t have time to study,” LeRoux said.

AINA is known for making rugged and loud public safety grade speaker-microphones to be used in harsh environments. The same user-friendly approach has found its way into the design of AINA’s PTT app: just turn it on and start using it.

After a successful trial period with selected accounts across North America and Scandinavia, AINA launched the AINA Small Talk PTT application globally. The app works on any Android tablet or phone and can be enhanced with a dispatcher client.

Self-service sign up
AINA has created a seamless self-service sign-up process on the company website, “We have noticed that it’s extremely difficult for businesses to get a PTT app that is simple to use and also simple to sign up for. Most providers require you to get in touch, request a demo, or have a sales person call you. All you want to do is push to talk, signing up should be just as simple,” LeRoux says.

Single desk customer service
In the process of digital transformation from 2-way-radios to broadband Push-to-Talk applications many companies are left alone to do their own system integration: Purchase tablets & phones, a PTT app, and reliable accessories. “When the solution works everyone is happy, but when the first compatibility issues come up due to an upgrade on the phone operating system or a software upgrade, everyone starts blaming the others for problems, often leaving the customer alone to figure it out,” LeRoux said. “The customer doesn’t want to get involved in this, but have a working solution. Therefore, our customers love that they only have to call our number to solve anything.”