Smartphones apps increase safety & efficiency while reducing operational costs. For easy-to-use professional communications a phone isn’t always suitable. AINA Kepler is radio 2.0 – All-in-One Communicator is solving this issue.

Many businesses use lone-worker-protection, work-flow, fleet management, and task managers to increase safety & efficiency of their workforce. With a shrinking market share of Land-Mobile-Radios and a steady growth of ruggedized handheld devices and applications, companies are going through digital transformation. Many have chosen to use Push-to-Talk (PTT) applications running on smart devices.

Using the smartphone for a Push-to-Talk app is working if you don’t have any background noise or you do not have to be constantly handsfree. AINA has deployed it’s PTT Voice Responder worldwide for years, helping customers have loud and clear communication while concentrating on their job. For some people setting up a phone with an accessory isn’t as practical as Land-Mobile-Radios used to be. Using a phone merely as a modem for network access isn’t very efficient use of resources either.

Therefore, at AINA we thought, what if the PTT app, the loud audio, and the network access were all built into the same device? AINA Kepler is an All-in-One Communicator – it is radio 2.0.